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Privacy Policy

Your data. Your control.

The purpose of OneTraffic is to safely deliver the messages you need to stay safe and informed, and help you communicate, collaborate and trade with other members of the network. To help you we need to store a few pieces of information, but you have full control.

Name and email are used to send you receipts, confirmations and similar useful information. No ads. 

Phone number is used to connect your device to OneTraffic.

Gender and birth date helps us understand what services are most useful to different groups, so we can keep improving.

Routes, places and location helps our system pick the messages and partners relevant to you.

You can at any time see and change your data directly in the app or contact our Privacy Team at for assistance to anonymize or transport your data.

The data is securely stored at a data center managed by Microsoft for the period you are member of OneTraffic.

We believe in privacy. You have full control, and we are here to help.

Vi bruker informasjonskapsler for å gi deg den beste opplevelsen. Hvis du fortsetter å bruke denne siden, antar vi at du er fornøyd med den.